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Sustainability services

Preformance offers a broad range of sustainability services, working together to help you define and achieve your sustainability goals with your current or future assets.

Systems and material analysis

System and material analysis provides a localised insight into the environmental impacts of specific materials and systems. 

Further analysis can identify cost versus the impact of embodied carbon. This assessment presents clients with an opportunity to distinguish between materials and systems that offer the best cost ($) per CO2e ratio. 

Preformance can offer this analysis at all design stages and may assess a broad range of comparative materials or systems to ascertain your desired ratio.

Home Star Greenstar submission management

Preformance has the in-house capability to manage the Home Star submission process. 

With several Home Star practitioners and Home Star accredited professionals boasting a wide range of experience within sustainable design theory and Home Star submission management, the process could not be made simpler. The team can offer advice on all compliance pathways, provide recommendations on key credits, and manage the collation and submission process.

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Life cycle costing

LCC’s provide a holistic view of costs attributed to the primary stages of a building’s lifecycle. Preformance will visualise this data and present the opportunity to compare design scenarios to ensure you are presented with the most eco-friendly and cost-efficient design.

Life cycle carbon analysis (LCA)

Preformance can complete carbon assessments at any project phase to help clients identify instances of major carbon emissions, including design processes, systems, and material selection. This pre-construction insight into a project’s embodied carbon values provides the opportunity for the client and Preformance to collaboratively decrease these values to within a sustainable threshold. 

Upon completion of LCA, the design team will work with you to decrease the building’s embodied and operational carbon value in either a broad sense of kgCO2e/m2 (embodied carbon/ m2) or a more precise scope, such as a reduction in certain systems, processes, materials and more.

Find out how Preformance delivers value throughout the project lifecycle.