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Preformance is an independent project delivery company

Preformance leverages technology, innovative thinking and decades of real-world construction expertise to solve complex challenges and gain cost efficiencies whilst reducing and managing risk.

An innate understanding of construction materials and methodology means a ‘whole-of-project’ perspective is taken from the outset. This results in achievable designs with the robust construction sequences and the correct planning necessary to deliver above expectations, on time and on budget. Right from the feasibility stage, the Preformance design management team works closely with clients and industry partners to determine individual project goals, deadlines and requirements. On offer is a comprehensive range of design management services that can be customised according to individual client and project needs.

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About Preformance

The Preformance team bring decades of real-world construction experience and leading technical skills into the design phase to achieve tightly integrated programmes, cost efficiencies and reduced risk

Key Contacts

Jon Sinclair Digital Services Director
Jonathan Sinclair

Digital Services Director

Heath Turnbull Technical Director Cropped
Heath Turnbull

Technical Director

Benny Huang
Benny Huang

Construction Technology Director

Kishan Seger Technical Director
Kishan Seger

Technical Director

Find out how Preformance delivers value throughout the project lifecycle.