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Construction technology

Core services

BIM and building technology

Viewing projects in virtual and augmented reality throughout the design and construction phases allows the front footing and resolution of issues early – saving you time and money – without compromising on delivery excellence. This technology is also used to form the basis of future asset management. Preformance will help you establish a project BIM brief and execution plan, review the project BIM model and set up a common data environment.

Digital asset management

In order to manage your built assets efficiently and effectively, Preformance applies real-world construction experience along with leading technology such as IoT sensors and the BIM model to create a ‘digital twin’.

They are also experienced in supporting clients to deliver digital asset management ‘soft- landings’ in different projects and sectors.

Project scanning and capture

Using laser scanning, drones, UAV and robots, Preformance creates a ‘digital twin’ of your building or site that can be used throughout the project for analysis, communication and to make optimal design decisions.

Sustainability services

Preformance can help you achieve sustainability goals with your current or future assets by measuring the environmental impact of designs or existing buildings; providing embodied carbon or full life cycle assessments to compare options; or guiding you through formal accreditations such as Home Star or NabersNZ.

Find out how Preformance delivers value throughout the project lifecycle.